For commissions, contact me, and we'll discuss size and price. animal painting sizes are usually 8x6, 8x10, 12x9,or 14x18; the smaller sizes are $200 - $220, and the larger, $420. I'm also making 12x12 1/4 panel paintings that are $250. Smaller paintings are on a panel that will need a frame. The larger size can be on a panel with a 5/8 inch strainer on the back that can be hung directly on the wall without a frame or on a 1/4 inch panel that you can easily frame. And I can work on canvas or in a very large format if you like. Portraits of people are usually 36x24, on canvas. I can work in other sizes as well. A commission portrait of a person at 36x24 is $3000, including packing and shipping. 

Once you are ready, you simply send me some photos via email. I'll find the likeliest one for a painting and send it back for approval. Sometimes I change the background in photoshop to improve lighting or composition. It takes a few weeks to make the paintings. When I finish the piece, I'll post it here and inform you immediately, so you can get right on the site and buy it with your credit card or PayPal, and it will show as "sold", so that other guy with a Labrador can't buy it.

Larger paintings are, of course, more expensive, and I'm happy to find a size and price that makes you happy.

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