Reid Winfrey

I'm Reid Winfrey. I've been painting and teaching art and design for many years. That's what happens when you hang around long enough. I've exhibited in galleries and museums all over the U.S., and in England and Japan. If you happen to be in California, let me know. I have work in San Jose and Santa Cruz and I can steer you that way.

I've made a lot of different kinds of paintings, all having quite a lot to do with what was in my life at the time. Nighttime commuting, surfing, the intellectual game of creating a pattern on a continuous curving surface. Looking back, in one way or another it's had a lot to do with memory, and how you remember, and how memory is kind of deceitful. My most recent work is focused on this exclusively, through the subject of humans and our bodies, and also through an exploration of famous paintings and painters. 

I think the work is solid, often pretty, sometimes beautiful. I hope you'll take a good look and consider something for your home.


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